“The more you beat me, the more I’ll fawn on you…” – William Shakespeare

A performance artist and a lifestyle kinkster, I’ve been classically trained by some of the best in New York City. I’m a student of film theory, theater, and literature, and I adore diving into your fantasies. Kink and pleasure are my passions, and sharing them with you is a fantasy come true. You’re looking at a slutty harlequin pup who loves to make you laugh and growl.

As a Dominant: Look up at me from below, as my eyes flash and my sweet lips turn into a wicked smile. This is my fun time, and you’re my toy. The sound of my laughter fill up rooms as I relish the sounds you make, the cries of pain, the whimpers of begging. I’ll enjoy the sweet submissive look in your eye as I ponder what to do with you. I could make things so sweet…or so, so bitter. Let’s play some games.

As a submissive: You’re looking for a submissive who will take what you can give with a blissful grin. You play the wolf, and I’ll play Red Riding Hood. Together we’ll walk off into the woods and eat each other up. I’m wiggly and giggly, and when you play with me the room is filled with screams and laughter. I love your perversions, and nothing makes me so happy as the words, “good girl.”

I like: flogging, role-play, rough play, tease and denial, D/s, pet play, collar and leash, up to heavy impact play, service and obedience training, light to heavy markings (with negotiation), high protocol, nipple play, breast torture, nipple clamps, sensory play, restraints, rope bondage (with negotiation), punishment, electro-play, hair pulling, light verbal humiliation, OTK, tickling, slapping, wrestling, human furniture, certain types of gags, objectification, doubles sessions, slapping (body), dollification, massages

Limits: G/S, blood sports, B/S, extreme humiliation, breaking skin, needle play, ball gags, foot/boot worship, relative-role play, medical play

*In order to play with me, you MUST fill out the session form. I will not be taking your request otherwise.